Copy work   / restorations / retouching
Copy work covers many areas. You can copy anything that is not already copyright protected.  Old family photos, flat art, documents, etc. are either scanned directly or digitally photographed.  Once a file is created, it can be printed in a number of ways and/or put on a CD.

We will discuss with you your end goal 
and determine the best way to proceed.
Photographic restorations really means making a new image that has corrections.

We need to see the original and discuss exactly what is wanted before we can make an accurate quote.
Retouching traditionally has meant smoothing facial features to improve a portrait. It also can mean manipulating an image by adding or removing people and/or objects within a photograph or any given image. This can include building composites of multiple images and can be a very intricate procedure. We will be happy to discuss the details of your project.

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