digital imaging
Digital imaging is constantly changing and improving making it an exciting way to produce what you need. In our industry, this encompasses many things.
If you have existing files, you can bring in your files in whatever form (memory cards, or CD, etc.), or you can e-mail them. 

With our high-end professional scanner, we can create high resolution digital files from your existing originals (flat art, photos, slides, negatives, etc.) to prepare your images for printing.
Digital Imaging also means making prints large or small. Prints made on high quality traditional photographic paper can be sized anywhere from wallets up to 12”x36”. Larger sized prints can be made up to 44 inches wide by almost any length, although, if you supply a file that is too small for the size requested, we will advise you of your options before continuing.
Image enhancement is another service we provide. Have a great picture but want a better sky? Want to remove unsightly wires or poles? Want to add or remove someone or something from a picture? These and a multitude of other things, such as composites, can be done in the digital world of today. Through consultation we can decide what steps are necessary to achieve your goal. Check our other pages for the service best suited to your needs (i.e., copies, restorations, etc.).  
On this page are examples of digital composites and/or enhancement.

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