mounting & LAMINATING

Laminating is an important step in preserving your image, especially inkjet prints. We use a pressure sensitive plastic laminate with UV inhibitors for protection against ultra violet light and other atmospheric conditions (moisture, etc.). This will protect your image for years to come, specifically if the image is to be displayed without the benefit of glass such as in trade show or other display situations.
We keep in stock the most popular laminate surfaces as determined by our clientele. Canvas prints (Giclée) are treated with a UV inhibiting liquid laminate for sealing, greater lightfastness, and moisture protection.
Now that your image is nearly complete, it needs to be mounted (especially large format), whether your image is going to be framed, or hanging by itself on the wall. Depending on your application, there are several substrates to choose from, including but not limited to, Illustration board, Gatorfoam and Foamcore. If you are receiving a fine art reproduction on canvas, we can stretch it for you and make it ready for framing. We will help you choose the mounting method most suitable for your specific application.

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